Yes You Can Make a Living Writing
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Yes, You Can Make a Living Writing

Have you been trying to find that perfect guide for your online career but to no avail? Do you have the basic writing skill and want to make use of it? Read more and learn how you can make use of writing skill to earn online.

Working online has already been a practice of several individuals for years. According to, One in five Americans work from home. In the Philippines setting, stated that the Philippines is the 3rd country in the world after the United States and India in online freelancing. Based on a recent global study, there are 1.5 million Filipinos who are into online freelancing activities.

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On a personal analysis, this statistic represents the number of people who signed up under certain freelancing sites. The number might even be higher due to other areas that were not covered in their studies.

Many individuals still face issues in finding a good paying online work. This may be due to factors such as but not limited to getting the right information. Majority of people would quit after realizing that it is not easy after all. It was probably because of the way the idea is presented to them. It’s true that we earn online, but most people may not be able to understand how this could be possible.

So, in this post, I will try my best to present the idea in the simplest way possible. I am aware that many individuals are looking for ways in order to get additional income. I hope you find this post helpful.

Disclaimer: This site uses affiliate links. See our Disclosure Policy

What Skills Do You Need?

For several years that I am working online, I have learned different methods by which I could earn some amount that helped me augment my financial deficiency. Moreover, my online work allows me to earn some amount which I am using to pay my existing loans and save some for future plans. I also use my earnings to pay for the domain and hosting for this blog. Online working has been a great help to me despite the fact that I can only allocate a limited amount of time.

One of the proven ways to earn online is making use of your writing skill. This particular skill may be the simplest and the easiest to learn considering that it has been taught while we were in school. It may be a basic skill compared to studying coding or other technical skills which might take some time before you could learn. Writing is an activity that you might want to try in order to earn additional income while spending your time at home or during your free time.  You may send me a message for further questions or clarifications.

Earn Through Writing:

Completing simple writing tasks may include but not limited to creating a blog, writing blog posts or articles for third-party sites, short posts or forum, or simply chatting. Here are some of the sites you might want to consider joining for extra income.


Yes, You Can Make a Living WritingIt is a social networking site which allows members to interact with the community through uploading blog posts, images, videos, and micro-posts. You may be able to earn a little amount by just logging in and completing the daily quests such as viewing 5 videos or movies or reading 5 blogs posts. But if you want to earn more, submitting a blog post is the best thing to do.

The site has their own set of requirements which a member should follow when submitting a blog post. The standard they set may be a little challenging for some but it is worth learning. Before a submitted blog post will be published, it should undergo a review process. Only after a successful review that the member can receive the equivalent score with the corresponding points added to his/her Buzz Score.

Get high rating on your blog post. Learn how Bitlanders works. Here is a comprehensive guide for you

Check the site from this LINK


Writing HubPages is another writing site which is worth joining. It is a user-generated content where users can earn through revenue generation. Meaning, a member will earn a portion of the site’s income proportionate to his/her activity. the computation is based on views made by their articles. Members can also earn through affiliate and Adsense.

HubPages has been online since 2006 which is a good reason for anyone who is willing to take the challenge to join the site.

Visit HubPages


writingVirily is another blogging platform that allows members to submit articles and other contents. Other contents may be in the form of quizzes, question and answer, photos, and albums. The site is following a point-system in computing the earnings. The members can earn points from different activities.  This will be the basis for the computation of their earnings. The minimum payment threshold is $10. Once the member reached this amount, the earnings shall automatically be sent to the payment processor they provided on the following month.

Learn more about Virily 

Visit Virily


Yes, you can make a living is a freelance writing site which allows members to grab writing tasks from the pool of open projects listed on the site. It differs from the traditional freelancing sites like UpWork, Guru, and Freelancers in the manner the members acquire a writing task. While other freelancing sites would require to bid or reapply for a new job every time, WordMasters allow members to get a task without the need to apply.

However, before you could grab a new task, you need to undergo a series of examinations in order to be accepted in the site and become a regular member. You will also be required to submit 2 sample articles before you can be able to grab projects listed in the pool. Once the feedback was satisfactory, you may be able to start grabbing writing tasks.

The guides for each project would vary depending on the request of the client.

Learn more about WordMasters

Interested? Visit the site here.

♥Rational Mind

Here is another blogging platform with a discussion board for members to make quality interaction. It’s another blogging site which allows members to submit their contents. The article should be at least 400 words and once submitted and published, the article cannot be deleted.

The members can earn based on the view generated by their contents. For every 1,000 views, the member is entitled to a $2.00 earnings. Members who reached the minimum payment threshold of $2 can request by submitting an email to the admin. The site pays through PayPal.

Visit the site here

Have you found the one that you like to start with? What if I would tell you that you can also earn just by posting some short posts? Like interacting with a community? Yes, you can!

Earn From Posting in Different Forums

Whether you opt to write long-form contents or preferred to write shorter posts, you can certainly earn some amount. Here are the sites you can try:

♥Forum Coin

Yes, you can make a living writingForum Coin is my favorite when it comes to writing short posts. Although the site also accepts long-form contents which can be made possible by requesting to be a member of the group, Artice Writers.

Members can participate in the discussion related to computers, gaming, and technology, webmasters questions, business, money and wealth. General discussion board is also available. The good thing about FC is the knowledge one could learn from the different members who are mostly bloggers, IT’s and online workers.

Forum Coin is an online currency used by the site itself to reward members by participating in the discussion and writing articles. A member can request payment as soon as he/she reaches 500 FC (Forum Coins) or a multiple of 500.

Interested? Visit their site here.


One of the oldest community online. If you love to interact with the community, this platform is for you. Discussions may be anything under the sun. People would share their experiences. The earnings from this site may not be that great but creating friendship and learning new ideas would be the best thing we can get from the site.

I owe a lot of things from the site because this was the very first forum I have and I must admit I learned a lot of things from this site. This is where I discovered about Humanatic, my highest paying site.

Visit myLot


WritingZwerl is a site that pays its members to answer questions through chat. If you are an expert in a certain field, you can answer the question and will be able to earn some amount. Once the member reached the minimum payment threshold of $20.00, it will be sent automatically to the member’s bank. Members are required to provide their bank account when joining the site.

Interested? Visit the site here.

♥Beer Money Forum

BMF is a site that pays members to be active in a forum which discusses topics about online sites. If you are interested in sharing about a site or knowing about new sites, this is a perfect place for you.

Member earns through different ways such as starting a new thread, replying to an existing thread, referrals and other activities set forth by the site.

BMF rewards its members with BMF coins. 1,000 BMF coins is equivalent to $1.00. The minimum payment before a member can request is $1.00 which can be sent to Payeer, Perfect Money, and PayPal. The site also pays in  Bitcoin, Etherium, and Skrill with a minimum amount of $10.00.

BMF is a legit site and has been paid many times. Make sure to read the guidelines before posting. Visit BMF here.

On the final thought…

There are a lot of ways to earn online if we only devote time to learn the system. We can make a living out of writing, there’s no doubt about it. We can choose to work on a part-time or full-time.

I hope with this information could help you find a good way of making a living online. Stay tuned for more updates and earning opportunities which I will be preparing in the coming days.

Once again, let me assure you, Yes, You can make a living writing.

Yes, You Can Make a Living Writing

Thank you for dropping by. If you have any question or comments regarding the sites mentioned, please let me know in the comment section. 


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I started working online in 2012. I worked on different online fields such as call reviewing, writing, completing tasks and surveys. Blogging is more of a hobby to me and I am happy to share whatever knowledge that I acquired during the course of my online journey.


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