Virily A Wonderful Way to Earn Through Writing
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Virily – A Wonderful Way to Earn Through Writing

My return to Virily has opened a new world of learning, earning and fun.

I joined the site on February 17, 2018, because I read from other Forum Coin members that it is a site worth trying. I like the design and the atmosphere within the site. The community is very friendly and accommodating. Though during that time, I was actively participating in Bitlanders and I couldn’t find enough time to learn more about it. Another reason was the extremely slow loading of the site which eating up more time than usual. I didn’t know if it was my connection or other factors causing the lag. I decided to set aside the activity because it will deprive me of the earnings I had with Bitlanders.


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After several months, I decided to check back the site again to see if there is an improvement. It has the same user interface and a bit faster loading time. This is at least better than the last time I visited.

I tried to familiarize myself with the different functions by visiting other profiles and following on-screen guides. Being a website powered by WordPress, I didn’t find it hard to learn. Though I have yet to try the different types of contents because I would usually post a photo, Poll and article.

What is Virily?


Virily is a blogging platform where members can write about different subjects. Members can share personal photos, articles, and poems. Members can also create quizzes and polls. It is a place to show our creativity.

The community within the site is very warm and the members are accommodating. I can tell it from the first time I landed on the site.  

What Kinds of Content Are Accepted?

Not everyone was given the skill to make it into the blogging world. If you can write short or long posts, poems, take photos that can capture the interest of a reader, you can probably consider joining Virily. Showing our creativity and uniqueness is an awesome thing and can even bring us great benefits.

There are 5 kinds of contents that we can create and upload to the site.

1. Story

Share your story at Virily

You can write an article about different topics and attached relevant images or videos. You can write under different categories. The maximum character allowed per post is 7,000.

Whether you are an aspiring blogger or a seasoned writer, writing for Virly is a good activity to pursue. It is definitely a good platform to practice your writing skill. 

2. Quizzes

Submit quiz at Virily


These are the types of posts which would encourage the readers to answer some questions. The author should provide several options from which the reader would choose the correct answer.  The correct answer would be revealed after the reader gave his/her answer.  This type of post will surely promote better engagement.





Under the Quizzes, there are two types, these are:

♥Personality Quiz

The type of content wherein you can create questions related to the different types of personality.  

♥Trivia Quiz

This type of quiz involves what people know about a certain thing or person.

3.   Lists

Make a list in VirilyContent falling under this type involves a list of items based on what is being asked. The author can submit contents that contain lists. Lists contents are sub-categorized as follows:

♥Open List

The author can start an open list and anybody within the group can submit their own list and vote up for the best submission.

♥Ranked List

The members can vote up for the best item on the list.

♥Classic List

These refer to articles that are based on a list.

4.  Polls

Create polls at VirilyAre questions about a certain subject or a person. We can create polls and get the ideas of the readers. 


A comparison poll where there are two competing answers

♥Hot or Not

A poll where there two opposite answers

5.  Photos

Upload photos at VirilyPhotos are great content to be shared. We can capture everything and upload the images to the site.


We can upload different photos into one folder.


We can embed Facebook posts, Twitter status, and others.


Uploading a single image is probably one of the easiest ways to submit a content. You can upload an image and write a short description of it. However, if you are thinking of getting higher rewards, you should submit a quiz, polls, versus and hot or not.

The contents should be original and written in your own words.

How Can we Earn from the site?

The good thing about Virily is the fact that we can earn money even from day 1. The currency being used within the site is called Virils. Virils has no exact equivalent. It is the basis of the daily revenue. The more Virils you have, the more income you will earn. Once you accumulated $10, you will be able to receive the payment through PayPal. While Payoneer requires $100.

Here is the breakdown of the points we can earn every time.

  • 10 Virils for signing up
  • 10 Virils for an everyday visit
  • 1 Viril for reading an article Limit 50/day  (2 Virils for Author – no limit)
  • 2 Virils for reading a Poll/Quizzes. Limit 100/day (5 Virils for Author – no limit)
  • 15 Virils for publishing Story, Gallery, Lists
  • 5 Virils for posting Image/embed content
  • 2 Virils for submitting to open list
  • 30 Virils for submitting Quiz, Polls, Versus, Hot or Not
  • 1 Viril for commenting on articles (Author gets 2 Virils – gets max 10 virils per article. Limit 50/day)
  • 1 Viril for referring a visitor. Limit 500//day
  • 20 Virils per Referral Signup. Limit 1,000/day
  • 1 Viril when a guest views your article. Limit 500/day

Note: There are no more Virils award for follows

All submission will undergo review before publishing


Some of the things I noticed while having my serious activity:

♦All posts, once approved cannot be edited. It is important to check and proofread your content before uploading. 

♦Comments cannot be edited as well. Checking before hitting submit is greatly advised.

On the final thought…

Virily is a good platform for writing blogs. It may not be the best source for online earning, but the knowledge that we could learn while being active is something that is worth the time. For bloggers who are looking for a place to share some backlinks, this is a good place.

You can showcase your skills and interests to other people. It’s good to find new friends and creating a connection. You can learn new skills and knowledge which may be helpful in pursuing your online career.

Virily Blog Graphics

If you are interested in joining Virily, you may use the link below. See you there!


Update: March 02, 2019. Virily is not accepting new members as of the moment.

Thank you for dropping by. If you have any question about the site, please leave your comment below. Likewise, please share so that others may know. 


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