I started working online in 2012. I worked on different online fields such as call reviewing, writing, completing tasks and surveys. Blogging is more of a hobby to me and I am happy to share whatever knowledge that I acquired during the course of my online journey.


  • Shannah

    I have had my paypal account so long I didn’t even remember this process! Years ago I decided to sell homeschooling books we were done with on EBay so had to get one then. I do love Paypal and have a Paypal debit card where I earn a percentage back every time I use it.

    • Sharon Lopez

      Hi Shannah! Thank you for visiting and sharing your experience with PayPal. With regards to the PayPal Debit Card, I think that’s interesting to have. I will check with PayPal if Filipinos are also allowed to have one. More blessings and hoping for your continued success.

    • Sharon Lopez

      Hi Michelle! I’m not sure if you have a similar app (online debit card) available in your country. Thank you for dropping by.

  • Joanie

    Hi Sharon! This is very helpful!! I have tried it tho, have not received the code yet The 4 digit code you are pertaining to, how long does it usually take for you to receive it?

    • Sharon Lopez

      Hi Joanie. Thank you for your interest. If you are using PayMaya, you should receive the code through text messaging immediately after the transaction. PayMaya is a mobile app available in the Philippines. I hope this answers your question. Thank you for dropping by.

  • Daniel Joshua Cristobal

    Hi Sharon! Do i need to have my Paymaya FULLY verified in order to link to my Paypal? I just created my Paymaya account and haven’t fully verified yet.

    • Sharon Lopez

      You can use the PayMaya for PayPal verification right after creating an account as long as you have at least 200 hundred pesos balance. You can load your PayMaya account through any seven-eleven branch.

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