I started working online in 2012. I worked on different online fields such as call reviewing, writing, completing tasks and surveys. Blogging is more of a hobby to me and I am happy to share whatever knowledge that I acquired during the course of my online journey.


  • Roeloff

    Hi! Roeloff here from Revelations of an Amateur Chef! Awesome blog you have by the way!
    I see on my traffic view that there is referrals from your blog to mine, any idea how so? thankful for it anyhow!

    • Sharon Lopez

      Thank you for visiting again my friend. Yes, that would be possible that someone reading my articles will visit your site as well. Your name has a link directed back to your site. So the more insightful and relevant the comment, the more it can attract readers to click your name. I hope this answers your question. Have a great day and more blessings!

  • Vox

    I love PayPal! I feel secure when I purchase through them and they were the first one to give our business a line of credit, which helps us track business financials. Thanks for sharing how to establish a working account with them.

    • Sharon Lopez

      Hi Vox! Yeah, I love PayPal too! It’s the only reliable payment processor that I could recommend. Been using this for 9 years and never encountered any issue. Thank you for dropping by.

  • Mariam

    Really great post ! I love the step-by-step explanations. I actually recently converted my personal account into a business one, and this post helped me make sure that I got all the steps right.

    • Sharon Lopez

      Hi Mariam! I am glad that this post afforded you with some help. I will be covering more about PayPal and other payment processors. Thank you for dropping by.

  • Diana

    I have a PayPal Account. I have had it for awhile and I swear by it. Best protection for any person. They security measures are great and they truly want you to be a happy customer!

    • Sharon Lopez

      Hi Diana! I have been using PayPal since I started working online and I am satisfied with their service. Thank you for sharing your good thoughts about it.

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