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I Got Paid By Virily

Finally, I got paid by Virily! The most awaited day has finally come!

It’s been more than a year since I joined Virily.  But because I need to focus on Bitlanders which is my primary source of online income, I cannot find time to be devoted to the site. Not that I don’t like it but I have a very limited time considering that I also have my offline work which requires a considerable amount of time.


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Managing time between my offline work and my online activities is one of the hurdles I am facing. Most of you who are making a living online will definitely agree with me on this premise.

I made several attempts to concentrate on the site but to no avail. I just can’t give enough time which resulted to me, being unable to reach the minimum payment threshold. This is also the reason why I can’t update my previous blog about it which I wrote almost half a year ago.

I have three online sites which I am trying to be active with. I visit these site alternately whenever I have free time. These are Bitlanders, Forum Coin and Virily. Among the three, it was Bitlanders where I am active the most and Virily is where I am most inactive. Forum Coin was in between.


During the month of April, Bitlanders made an announcement that members should only submit blog posts that are related to artificial intelligence. Otherwise, such blog post will be rejected. Thinking that I might not be able to come up with a lot of blog posts having AI as the topic, I decided to give more time to Virily.

I reviewed the rules and the activities which could bring me more virils. I started visiting the site every day. Though I still visit Bitlanders more often. I decreased my time for Forum Coin and devote more time with Virily.  New polls, images, and articles were submitted. I see to it that I visit other member’s posts and left valuable comments.


At the end of April, I was expecting to reach the minimum payment threshold, but I was short of 8 cents. Yes, my balance was $9.89 while the minimum amount eligible to receive payment is $10.00.  I was so disappointed but did not lose hope. I set a monitoring chart using the Google Sheet.

Virily monitoring chart

Creating a monitoring chart is effective as we will be able to to see where we at. I set a target at the beginning of the month. We can adjust our target and work from there. I may not always hit my daily target, but I am trying to be more active. 


On May 29, I noticed that my dashboard was already updated and on May 30, I received a notification from Paypal. I was so excited and I am hoping to receive a payment each month.

Virily Monitoring Chart

Here is my payment proof from Virily. If you want to join the site, you can join HERE.

virily payment

Thank you for dropping by.

❤ Sharon

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