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How I Made $2,025.00 From Bitlanders

This may not be the first time you came across an income report or a milestone from fellow bloggers or other individuals who are making a living online. Personally, I love reading stories about achievements, milestones as well as income reports. Not only that these type of contents give inspirations, but these may also include guides and strategies. These things can help us being the reader of the content to see where we are and what needs to be done in order to further improve ourselves.


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I want to share mine as well not because I would like to show-off but to inspire others too. I’m aware that my earning is of a little value compared to high-income earners. But for someone who is working online on a part-time, this amount is already a great help considering that life can be very difficult especially that the prices of commodities are continuously rising.

I must admit that my time is somehow limited and finding a site that can give us a decent amount can be very complex. Added to the issues frequently encountered by individuals working online is the lifespan of the site they are working for. After you devoted your time and effort, you would be surprised one day that the site you learned to love and devoted your time was nowhere to be found.

Just imagine how you poured in your thoughts and time in creating those articles? Just to find out one day that the site has been gone along with all your contents.

Sites may come and go…but there is an exception.

Bitlanders it may not be the best site. In fact, for some, it is a complicated site. But for me, it is a GEM. Find out more about Bitlanders HERE.


You can consider the site as a social media because as a member, you are allowed to post microblogs or updates as well as videos. On top of that, you can also create blog posts and c-blog posts.

Every activity on the site is compensated. I mean almost… from creating an account, doing your first activities, and a lot more.

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➤Apart from receiving your first dollar when you completed the sign-up process, you will be surprised that literally, everything that you do is a way to make money.

➤Every time you sign in, you are entitled of the daily login bonus which keeps on increasing as you continue to log in every day.

➤You receive additional BUZZ Score when someone subscribed to you.

➤You received additional BUZZ Scores when you complete the Daily Quests

➤Big Scores will be given to high-quality blog posts you submitted once reviewed

➤You can complete surveys and earn an additional amount

➤You can play the game (Flap Pig) and earn

➤and lastly, the newest way to earn is by participating in their latest task called Machine Learning.


With my short time of devoting my somewhat limited time to the site, I can say that I already accomplished a few things which I am truly proud of.

 Trophy Emoji (Twitter Version)The Leader Board

For some period of time, I enjoyed being on the leaderboard from being on the 30th place and up to the number one slot. I stayed at the second rank for a long time until I decided to create my own blog last October of 2018. My rank dropped down but I’ve never been removed from the top 30.

I am currently working on to recover what I have lost when I temporarily stopped from submitting blog posts for several months in order to give focus on my own site. Glad that as of writing this post, I was able to step up to rank 5.

 🖉 Articles I Wrote

I have written a total of two hundred thirty-seven blog posts to date. I received ratings of 5 out of 5 stars in some of my posts and the majority got 4 stars. My kind of writing has caught the attention of the admin as well as the other members of the site which had given me more chance to earn more.

 My Earnings

Here is the breakdown of my earnings from the site. Like I’ve said, this may not be as high as what others are earning but I am proud that I earned this amount in a clean way and by working on a part-time.

To date, I already earned $2,025.00 which is a combination of earning BUZZ points as well as referral commission.

➤Monthly Revenues prior to 2017 were expired

➤Monthly Revenue (August 2017): $ 0.09

➤September 2017: $41.91

➤October 2017: $105.85

➤November 2017: $118.35

➤December 2017: $131.23

➤January 2018: $177.89

➤February 2018: $179.74

➤March 2018: $135.29

➤April 2018: $140.48

➤May 2018: $149.43

➤June 2018: $152.64

➤July 2018: $142.18

➤August 2018: $137.39

➤September 2018:  $144.16

➤October 2018: $73.29

➤November 2018: $35.87

➤December 2018: $58.26

➤January 2019:  $69.15

➤February 2019: $19.00

➤Machine Learning reward: 3.20

Part of these earnings came from my referrals. On average, I earn around $15 to $17 per month from my referrals activity.


I am grateful for the blessings that I am experiencing right now. I owe Bitlanders part of the success that I achieve online. So I promise myself that I will stick to the site as long as it is there. Though I also need to continue learning in order to improve myself both financially and socially, I will never set aside the fact that Bitlanders has been part of that success. 

On the final thought…

HOW BITLANDERS MADE ME OVER 2000Bitlanders is among the sites that stand the test of time. If you can devote more time and effort, you can earn better than me. Why would you keep on trying out new and unknown sites when you have a reliable platform that has been tried and tested? 

Furthermore, we should learn to accept that nothing is permanent in this world. This is also the reason why we should continue finding new opportunities. We should likewise, learn to stand on our own. To build our own blog that we may not rely too much on third-party sites for our online earnings. This is the reason why even how busy I may be, I would always see to it that I allocate some of my time to my blog. Learning new things every day is one thing that I am truly glad about.

While building my own name, I will always stay with Bitlanders. Thank you for reading my post. You can join me in Bitlanders by clicking HERE. You may leave your comments or questions regarding the site below. 


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Bitlanders A Journey Towards Success



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I started working online in 2012. I worked on different online fields such as call reviewing, writing, completing tasks and surveys. Blogging is more of a hobby to me and I am happy to share whatever knowledge that I acquired during the course of my online journey.


  • Dani

    I am happy to read that you made a decent amount of money here. In the Philippines, where I am from, 100 something dollars monthly and just on the side, is a lot. I will be checking it out too and who knows I can pay my monthly gym membership fee from it. That’s already of great value.

    • Sharon Lopez

      Thank you for dropping by, Dani. I am also from the Philippines and yes, Earning $100 on the side is already a great help. The great thing about this site is the fact that aside from earning some amount, I am also learning a lot of things that I can use in my own blog. You should try Bitlanders and just let me know if you need help.

    • Sharon Lopez

      Hi Sasha! Yes, Bitlanders is a great site and it helped me a lot in my blogging activities. Not to mention the amount though small is already a big help. thank you for dropping by.

    • Sharon Lopez

      Hi Jeremy! I am glad that you found the way to my site. I am happy that you find the site interesting. I assure you that Bitlanders is a great site. Thank you for dropping by.

  • Jobless Dude

    That’s interesting to hear. I am using bitlanders for more than six months but I can’t even reach the minimum threshold. I am only doing daily login.
    Hope I will reach it soon.
    All the best for your career.

    • Sharon Lopez

      The primary way of increasing income from Bitlanders is to increase the BUZZ score. Which we could achieve from submitting blog posts and videos (must be our own) for review. Though there are other ways such as having referrals who are actively submitting blog posts and purchase of items that give BUZZ points. I hope you could reach your payment soon. Thank you for dropping by. Just let me know if you need help.

    • Sharon Lopez

      Hi Ye Chen! Bitlanders has been online for many years. Though I started my serious activity for a little over one year. It is a great site. They treat their members well and very responsive to queries and other messages. Thank you for dropping by!

    • Sharon Lopez

      Hi Michelle! Yes, Bitlanders is a great site because apart from the earnings, they are reviewing our contents and would give feedback to further improve our work. Thank you for dropping by and just in case you need assistance with the site, you can let me know. Bitlanders is also a good source of backlink.

  • MrDangem

    I also like reading accomplishments like this specially to my kababayan.
    Congrats po, I will read more of your posts from now on.
    I’m inspired now and I wonder if making ebooks is more profitable than making blog posts.

    • Sharon Lopez

      Thank you for dropping by. Both activities are profitable so long as we find the proper way of doing it. What I suggest is we try different ways to earn from our own blog and through third-party sites.

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